Vëllezërit e mi – Episodi 52 Pjesa 2

Vëllezërit e mi – Episodi 52 Pjesa 2

Shengyl starts working for Nebosh and Ayla. Orhan can not get the thoughts out of Shengyl after the things that are happening between them and Gonul starts to comfort him.

Omar and Harika visit Susan and she leaves the trust to Omar Harika. Akif is trying at all costs to save Susan. Gonyl and Orhan go out to dinner together and spend beautiful moments, but Shengyl spoils the moment by going to the restaurant.

Harika is not able to adapt to life in the cottage. Ouljan and Ajbike comfort their mother. Susan confronts Akig again and curses him, while Akif swears to save her and asks her to trust him, while Akif is running away from the debtors.

Emir tries to irritate Harika even more by provoking him and Omer gets angry at that moment and starts arguing with him. Harika catches Akif in college and tells him what comes to mind. Doruk feels sorry for his father and tries to stay close to him.

Asije and Ajbike start working in a market, Berk and Doruk can not get comfortable and go to the girls’ workplace and are jealous of the boys who are there.