Farah – Episodi 24 Pjesa 3

Farah – Episodi 24 Pjesa 3

Gulsun says that Akkabar is a man of his word. Orhan was brought in for interrogation and tells Mehmet that he loves him very much but if he had to do it himself, and Mehmet remembers when he did that thing.

The chief inspector arrives and apologizes to Orhan saying that there was a mistake. Behnam goes to where Kerimsah is to give him the fake passports. Imsah listens to the conversation in which Behnam says that he is going to put inside her grandmother. Hizir arrives, he is the one who got Tahir and Farah gets out of the car.

Farah goes straight to talk to Kerimsah, and when the man, the crazy Hizir, wants to collect what Behanm owes him for the job, Tahir gets out of the car, which ordered his friends to surround the house and with the superiority of men they will take to Kerimsah. Tahir, Hizir, and Bekir start dancing.

Kerimsah and Farah are leaving but Kerimsah tells his father that he chose his father to be Tahir. They leave and Behnam wants to go after them but his mother stops him. Orhan tells Perihan that now the two of them and Yasemin could be a family. Tahir, Farah, Kerimsah, and all their friends arrive at the house and meet Bade and Gulsun who hugs Kerimsah.

Akkar comes to Tahir’s mother and tells her that she knew that Gulsun was Farah’s mother and that he treated her badly because of the jealousy she had for her mother, Mercan hears everything.