Farah – Episodi 25 Pjesa 1

Farah – Episodi 25 Pjesa 1

Perihan takes Gonul to see Orhan, and she reproaches her father for not contacting them. Orhan lies to her about being set up and tells her that Mehmet is ungrateful and her enemy.

Mehmet asks Tahir, Farah, and Bade what they are hiding from him, and Tahir lies to him. Mehmet tells them that he is in charge of the investigation and that they already know who the guilty is because it was Orhan who found the man. Nobody says anything. Tahir tells Mehmet to stay at home, but he doesn’t want to and he leaves with Bade.

Gonul’s face shows her fear that the truth will be discovered. Tahir tells Mehmet that he can stay because he did not buy the house with the gold but with the sale of his apartment. Tahir tells Mehmet that he lives an ordinary life now. Finally, Mehmet apologizes, and they hug. Farah and her mother talk about how affected Farah was by what she experienced.

The mother tells her that she has to tell her something, but at that moment Kerimsah enters and wants to sleep with her mother and grandmother. Mercan enters Behnam’s office in the house and asks him why he kept Farah’s mother locked up for so long, then she asks why he called her. Behnam tells Mercan that he wants to remind Kerimsah of the irreconcilable differences between the two families.

Farah and Tahir are talking about what Orhan may be planning. She is afraid they will take her away and he tells her that she is confused. Farah tells Tahir that she will not allow him to blame himself for something she did.