Farah – Episode 25 Part 2

Farah – Episode 25 Part 2

Mercan asks Behnam’s mother what she is hiding. Gonul calls Farah and tells her why they don’t confess to Orhan what happened so that he can protect them. Farah refuses and tells her that nothing will happen to her.

Mehmet is in the precinct thinking about who is the policeman who works for Orhan when Bekir arrives and tells him that he would do anything for Gonul because is in love with her. Mehmet goes crazy. Bade arrives at the house and talks to Farah and Tahir about getting a job and Tahir tells Farah that a hospital called her to offer her a job.

She says it may not be the right time but everyone encourages her to do it. Behnam calls Orhan and threatens him if he does not arrest Farah. Gonul goes to see Mehmet and complains to him for not having told her that he had known that her brother was Tahir, and tells him that Orhan had told her that he did not trust her.

Mehmet says that he received from Orhan almost a confession that he had removed Ali Galip and she astonishedly tells him that he is sick and needs help. He asks her if he is only there to tell her he is crazy. She wants to know about the investigation in the Ali Galip case and he tells her that there is still no real evidence.

Orhan showed Tahir his parents’ grave and told him that his father was his friend. Tahir tells Orhan not to even think about touching Mehmet, Orhan’s men hit Tahir.