Farah – Episodi 25 Pjesa 3

Farah – Episodi 25 Pjesa 3

Farah goes to the hospital and gets her job Behnam gives Mercan a paper in Farsi that tells how Farah wanted to remove Behnam. Mercan doesn’t want to give it to Kerimsah but he forces her.

Orhan wants Tahir to help him in hisbusiness. Tahir agrees in exchange for saving Farah. Mercan talks to Farah’s mother and asks her about her relationship with Akkbar and tells her that Behnam’s mother is jealous of her. Behnam, who is waiting for Mercan, rushes her and she asks where Kerimsah is.

Tahir visits Mehmet at work and tells him that Orhan has partners for his work and maybe he does too. Mehmet’s boss comes in and treats him very badly. Orhan sees a man who is tied up and after the man tells him what he wants to know, he leaves it to Farah to do surgery on him. Orhan wants to get Illias and asks Tahir for help.

Orhan forces Farah to give him her services when he needs her. Farah says that she will accept if he does nothing to Tahir and Orhan tells her not to interfere. Mercan throws Behnam’s paper for Kerimsah and a Tahir employee picks up the paper to Kerimsah and follows Mercan. He asks her what she wants from Farah.

Behnam is waiting to blow up a shipment of gold that her uncle sent to make her believe that it was Tahir who did it. Illias knows this and tells Orhan and wants to negotiate the other information he has.