Safir – Episodi 11 Pjesa 1

Safir – Episodi 11 Pjesa 1

Ates is sitting in front of Feraye and tells her what his feelings have been since he saw her again, he tells her that he admires her because not only is she beautiful but she is courageous.

Feraye seems to feel bad and he wants to help her by holding her hand and she rejects him. They both leave, leaving the table served, and she apologizes. Yaman leaves the woman with whom he was at the bar, apologizing. While Bora regains consciousness, Bade reproaches her father for Sarp and also tells him that they passed on by covering up dirt.

He knew that Bade had relations with Sarp. The phone rings and they tell Bade that Bora woke up. Then Vural hugs Bade. Yaman fights with some men and one of them wants to approach him, Ates who sees him helps him and the men leave. Ates wants Yaman to get into the car and since Yaman fights him and he refuses Ates hits him and Feraye asks him don’t touch him.

Feraye takes Yaman in a taxi and there he begins to bother her with her hurtful comments and she feels pain and has to take her to the hospital. Meanwhile, Ates, who was left alone, remembers the moment when he became engaged to Feraye, Yaman said that they had been in love since childhood. They do an ultrasound on Feraye and see that the baby is fine.

Ates calls her and when he finds out where is she, he goes to look for her. They return to the house and she gives Ates the box with the jewlery and she tells her that it is not hers because she is going to leave.