Safir – Episodi 11 Pjesa 2

Safir – Episodi 11 Pjesa 2

Ates accepts and tells that night he wanted to tell her what he felt and she answers that she can’t make him happy. He asks if she broke up with her ex-boyfriend and she tells him that still loves him but he doesn’t know that she is pregnant.

He tells her that just as he promised, he will be by her and the baby’s side until the baby is born and he will not force her to do anything. Ates sees Yaman lying on a seat in the room and remembers another episode that he saw with Ferye and Yaman and thus connects some dots. He leaves in the car and remembers one of his last conversations with Yaman.

In the morning Omer asks Yaman if he thought about the offer he made him and he does not answer. Ates offers to buy Yaman’s shares so he can do whatever he wants and Yaman almost sees it as an affront. Ates reminds him that when he lost a toy he became destructive with everyone and if Ates found it he would hide it.

Yaman tells him that he wants to play the hero again and that he would have preferred it to remain like the older brother who would never have returned. Vural instructs Bade to take care of repatriating Bora so that the therapy will be done at home. Aleyna and Yaman have a new fight, this time because she wants to know who he is in love with.

Feraye hears from the outside and when she is going to leave, Yaman does too and Cemile who appears out of nowhere threatens Feraye again. Yaman appears at the company and tells him that he agrees to take over its management.