Safir – Episodi 11 Pjesa 3

Safir – Episodi 11 Pjesa 3

Omer is angry with Ates and shows his power to Ates by putting ahead of Yaman in managing the company. Vural gathers his men to tell them that Bora is returning and he will not find out anything but that he will tell them all.

Yaman is in charge of a project at the school that Feraye works on when he realizes that he has to work with her and leaves. Yaman had a room set up away from the main house and when passing by he saw Feraye come in to explain why he works at the school. Cemile almost discovers them but they hide.

Vural asks Bade to support Yaman who displaced Ates and also tells him not to approach him because he is going in the opposite direction them. Ates and Feraye go to dinner out, while they walk they chat happily and play at starting over by introducing themselves. Bade meets with Ates and shows him a file with the operations against the family company.

OmHazal goes into Cemile’s room and takes the phone to check it and only finds calls to Sermin in the morning she tells Okan, Aleyna, who stole Yaman’s phone, sent a message to the unknown woman who was the one who sent Yaman a message saying that she wanted to see him. Bade and Bora go to the lake shore and Bora begins to remember.

Bade leaves Bora at her house and Bora escapes with a car and goes to the mansion and sees Omer leaving with Yaman and Okan, Ates leaves in another car and then Feraye leaves walking, and follows her to the school.