Farah – Episodi 26 Pjesa 1

Farah – Episodi 26 Pjesa 1

Tahir manages to mislead Mehmet and manages to escape. Farah and Tahir, pressed by the circumstances, both want to talk and Farah, as she is being watched, says that she will be late at home and that he should kiss her loved ones on her behalf.

She does not realize what he says, that he does not know if he will be able to. Farah and Yasemin leave the place while Tahir calls Mehmet and tells him where he is, knowing that he is going inside. Tahir tells Mehmet that the story of the two was brief and that in other circumstances it could have been different and very good and asks him to do what he should do.

Farah decides to follow Orhan and her men to take care of Ilias. Mehmet asks Tahir why he did it and to listen to the answer Mehmet parks the car and a few minutes later he is locked in by the cars of the Police Inspector who Mehmet says is another ally of Orhan. Behnam is furious with Mercan because she did not give Kerimsah the paper that spoke badly about Farah.

In the recording, he listens to Tahir with Kerimsah and he realizes that Tahir does not speak badly to Kerimsah about his father. He takes Mercan by the arm and like he did with Farah, locks her in a bedroom. Yasemin meets Bade and they talk about what happened and Farah arrives. Yasemin says Orhan’s love is her nightmare.

The inspector makes Mehmet release Tahir and tells him that he is giving Tahir the opportunity of a lifetime and he has to tell him about Ilias and everything he wants to know.