Farah – Episodi 26 Pjesa 2

Farah – Episodi 26 Pjesa 2

Tahir asks him where he is going to go if he tells him the truth and the inspector tells Tahir: “with Orhan and is going to return with him as if nothing had happened”.

Farah tells Bade that they have to keep Ilias alive because he is the only one who knows where is the place that Behnam’s shipment of gold will explode fact that was planned by Behnam himself to frame Tahir. The inspector wants to know who Orhan’s supplier is. The inspector asks Tahir if Orhan threatened his family.

Behnam, who gave Kerimsah a car that has a microphone, hears that her mother is talking to Farah’s mother asking her not to get close to Akkbar because she has always been in love with him, and this is how Behnam finds out that his mother was the one who instigated him against Farah and her mother.

Farah is convinced that she is going to get the information about Behnam’s shipment from Ilias and asks Bade to tell Mehmet to intervene. The inspector offers Mehmet to take charge of the secret operation and use Tahir as an undercover agent. Behnam asks Akkbar to go to the house and when his mother arrives he tells her that they are going to have a family dinner.

Tahir and Farah arrive at their house almost simultaneously, they are both nervous but neither tells each other anything. Mehmet argues with Bade and Mehmet says that everybody but her lies to him and this is because he only trusts her.