Farah – Episodi 26 Pjesa 3

Farah – Episodi 26 Pjesa 3

He proposes marriage and he tells her that this way they can build a world without lies Bade answers him by saying that she can’t do it, asks for forgiveness, and runs away.

Farah goes to see Kerimsah in her room and he tells her that he misses his father and asks her if he may have changed, and she tells him yes and that he can see Behnam whenever he wants. Behnam brings his mother, Akkbar, and Mercan together at the table and begins to blame their relationship and wants to Akkbar but the mother stands in front of him.

Bade arrives at Tahir’s house and tells Farah that she said no to Mehmet’s proposal. Tahir meets the inspector and tells him that he will be telling him something that he does not want his brother to find out and tells him that the person who removed Ali Galip was Farah and that he wants her to be free and instead, he goes inside and the inspector agrees not to say the truth.

Tahir goes to where Ilias is and discovers Farah and realizes that Orhan threatened them both with the same thing. Ilias dies and Tahir talks to Orhan who asks him to cause the shipment to explode. Tahir informs Mehmet and the inspector. Yasemin, who had spoken with Mehmet, goes to talk to her mother and Perihan asks her how she found out about Orhan’s bad things.

Farah and Tahir arrive at their house and Farah’s mother tells them that Behnam was sending a car as a gift to Kerimsah, and they immediately suspect it has a microphone, and Tahir finds it.