Farah – Episodi 27 Pjesa 1

Farah – Episodi 27 Pjesa 1

A flashback takes us to the beginning of the series when Farah witnesses the leaving of Ali Galip. This is what Farah is thinking when Tahir arrives and she tells him that he is her salvation and he tells her that from now on only happy days await them.

Tahir contacts Mehmet and both say they have information to exchange. Perihan is with Mehmet, and she finds the ring that he bought for Bade, and she speaks to him on her behalf, telling him that if she has something to hide, it is because there is nothing related to him. Farah is with Gonul and Bade and there she finds out that Tahir took responsibility for Ali Galip’s case.

Tahir plans to catch Orhan red-handed if possible and then turn himself in to serve a sentence for having removed Ali Galip. Tahir invited Farah to eat for a romantic dinner. Mehmet finds Bade and gets her to tell the truth. Tahir and Farah are sitting at the table and he is thinking that the next day he is going to turn himself in.

He tells her to think that there comes a moment in life when there is no more tomorrow, so you have to enjoy the moment. At the same time, she is also thinking about turning herself in. She agrees with him and they start dancing hugging each other. Mehmet tells Bade that he feels guilty for having built a wall between him and the people he loves.

So much so that even they lied to him because they were afraid of him. Where Tahir and Farah were eating was the restaurant that Tahir bought for Farah. The two ran away because Kerimsah had fought with a boy.