Farah – Episodi 27 Pjesa 2

Farah – Episodi 27 Pjesa 2

The situation is resolved and Farah notices the boy’s father who knew Tahir for having participated in one of his jobs. Tahir says to her that the man was the doctor who helped him exchange a thing.

Gonul complains to Bekir that everyone treats her like a girl and he is giving her a candy apple. Bekir tells her that he does it because that’s how he met her when they were both children and then he kisses her. Farah tells Mehmet that he has to find a way to free Tahir from the charge of case Ali Galip.

He tells her that he can’t because he trusts a recording with Mehmet’s boss and agrees with the boss. She insisted that he do something because she has the video and doesn’t want to show it so as not to implicate Gonul and Bade. Mehmet’s boss meets with Tahir, Bekir, and Hirzis and tells them who he has to find.

Izkender is Orhan’s boss. At the end of the meeting, Orhan calls Tahir to carry out an operation the next day that consists of removing the gold that they have from the transporting of their people. With this order, Tahir and the others begin to set a trap to catch Orhan and all the important people that are involved.

It’s night, Farah is nervous and breaks a glass and worries and Tahir tells her that she can worry about one thing so much if she brings order to her life.