Farah – Episodi 27 Pjesa 3

Farah – Episodi 27 Pjesa 3

In the morning Bekir, and goes to look for Orhan and points a thing at him and Orhan tells him that there is nothing he can do now. Perihan arrives and argues with Orhan.

Bekir takes him away and Tahir tells Farah to call Orhan’s accomplice, the doctor Iskender. Farah calls him first and then Tahir receives her call and the plan is going according to plan. The two kiss and tell each other that they love each other. Mehmet is with his men, Tahir Bekir and Hizir, waiting for the trap where Tahir is the bait to take effect.

Farah calls out to Mehmet and threatens him saying that if they stop Tahir she will be her lifelong enemy. Before going to the place where he has to meet the smugglers, Tahir tells Mehmet that he loves him and that he has him on the phone calling him his brother. Iskender arrives and shows Tahir something or someone that is in the car.

Meanwhile, Orhan does not believe that Farah can denounce Gonul and he tells her that he is not that kind of person and she tells him that when Tahir’s life is at stake she does anything. Someone tells Izkender that it is a trap and a big shootout begins. Orhan tells Farah that Tahir and Mehmet are going to die.

Mehmet falls and asks Mehmet to phone Farah and he says goodbye. Farah tells him that she is expecting a child, but he calls Mehmet and dies. They are all at Tahir’s funeral and Farah cries uncontrollably.