Mos më braktis 404 (12.02.2024)

Mos më braktis 404 (12.02.2024)

Tarek and Emre sit down outside at night to talk to each other and spend some time together as brothers, while Meltem is getting ready to spend the night with Tarek.

When Tarek finishes the conversation, Meltem appears in front of him and calls him into the room. Tarek tells him that he can’t because he will work in the office. The next day, Sella sees that Tarek is not in her room and secretly goes to Meltem’s room to see if he is there, Meltem comes in front of her and provokes her.

Sella keeps insisting to see that she is not inside, Meltem still does not allow her until the moment when her mother-in-law comes and Meltem starts acting. She allows Sella to come in to sit her down, Sella feels uncomfortable. On the other hand, Bora is invited to dinner at Zjenep’s house and there she talks about making her mother-in-law a grandmother.

Bora says that she would like to have children and make Hylja a grandmother, Hylja is excited by these words and says that she did not want to interfere in their lives even though she really wanted to become a grandmother, while Zejnep looks at her with tears in her eyes, knowing the fact that now Hylja will become a grandmother.

Arzu talks to Tarek about Sella, tells him that as long as this girl stays in that house, nothing will be fixed. Sella accidentally overhears their conversation, Tarek takes Sella and takes her away.