Dashuri Logjikë Hakmarrje – Episodi 21 (Promo)

Dashuri Logjikë Hakmarrje – Episodi 21 (Promo)

Chenar tells Ozan that the woman he is married to is pregnant and that he does not even bother to send her home.

Ozan tells her that he has already made a decision and that he does not give up. Çenar tells him that he has decided not to be a father for his child, and he replies that he will do his best for him, but for Çagla he will not get tired at all.

Çalala tries to provoke Esra by telling him that Ozan, thanks to the gift she will give him, will love their child very much and that without noticing him, he will fall in love with Çalala.

Çalala and her ex-boyfriend talk and he tells her why he kept it a secret, when Çalala asks him about what, he answers by saying why he hid it from her that he will become a father.

Esra seems to hear this conversation and is shocked. Has she heard this?

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