Dashuri Logjikë Hakmarrje – Episodi 24 Pjesa 1

Dashuri Logjikë Hakmarrje – Episodi 24 Pjesa 1

After the hot night that Esra and Ozan spent, Esra leaves Istanbul to live in London and this upsets Ozan a lot.

Several years pass and Ozan still has not extinguished the fire in his heart, the fire that Esra ignited by abandoning him. Esra, on the other hand, became pregnant the same day she left and raised Ozan’s son without his knowledge.

In this journey of Esra, Çenar is the one who has stayed close to them, while Ozan has been forced to stay with Çagla and raise “their daughter”, the girl whom Ozan thinks is his daughter.

Esra decides to return to her hometown and when she returns she goes to the market in her neighborhood and Ozan happens to be there, but they do not meet until they go out. When they go out, they are seen by chance and Ozan tends to ignore Esra.

After Ozan does not talk to her, Esra tells her why she is behaving like this, Ozan tells her that she deserves to behave that way and leaves, while Esra remembers the moments of pregnancy.

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