Dashuri Logjikë Hakmarrje – Episodi 25 (Promo)

Dashuri Logjikë Hakmarrje – Episodi 25 (Promo)

Esra comes to the neighborhood with Ozan and their son by her side and Çenar goes crazy when he sees them together and starts shouting.

Çenar tells Ozan to stay away from his family, away from his wife and away from his child and take care of his own family. Ozan tells her that he has done nothing while Esra tries to calm him down.

Eko tries to stop Ozan, while Esra tells Çenari what he is doing and comes to his senses. She tells him why she does not understand, why she does not listen, that Ozan just helped her.

Çenar tells him that Ozan became a hero who helped for 5 minutes. What happened to my toil for a few years? I mention the fact that he was by her side all those years when he needed her, not Ozani.

Esra does not like this and tells him that he has never asked her to do such a thing and does not dare to say so.