Dashuri Logjikë Hakmarrje – Episodi 29 (Promo)

Dashuri Logjikë Hakmarrje – Episodi 29 (Promo)

Esra and Ozan go to a party together and Esra tells Ozan that they are not obliged to prove their love to anyone.

Ozan tells her not to forget that they are married, and she says that thanks to him she does not forget at all. A friend of Ozan invites Ozan to go to a new club that has opened, and Esra comes at that moment saying they go together.

A businessman is talking to Esra and tells her that he has heard that they have talked to new investors and that he is interested and at that moment Ozan comes and kisses Esra on the cheek calling her “beloved woman”.

In the evening, when Esra and Ozan go to sleep together, Esra puts pillows between them and when Ozan asks her why, she says she is deciding to create a wall between them and not let Ozan penetrate by her side.

In the morning, Esra and Ozan are seen embracing each other and it seems that her famous “wall” has been destroyed by herself and she is not at all remorseful.