Dashuri Logjikë Hakmarrje – Episodi 23 Pjesa 3

Dashuri Logjikë Hakmarrje – Episodi 23 Pjesa 3

While Çagla and Mert have met in another house, while Esra and Ozan return upset that they could not meet with Mert and couldn’t find anything.

Eko does his best to cool Elif by himself. Mert on the other hand demands 100 millones de liras Turkish from Çenar in order to give up everything. Elif decides not to go abroad.

Ozan goes again to Esra’s family bar and there they talk to Esra where they make some beautiful love quarrels where they remember the kiss they had. Çalala and Esra have a confrontation again and Esra tells Çalala everything in the face.

Esra gets a job offer in London, while Eko on the other hand achieves the goal of breaking off her engagement to Elif. Ozan decides to take the paternity test. Zymryt is very happy when he realizes that Eko and Elif have broken off their engagement.

Ozan and Esra spend some beautiful moments and at the end, spend a beautiful night of love. Esra then decides to leave for London.

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