Loja e Fatit tim – Episodi 19 Pjesa 1

Loja e Fatit tim – Episodi 19 Pjesa 1

Mahir and Cemal face off for the first time as two men who know each other’s past. While Jamal seeks to make up for his mistakes and start a new life.

Mahir has no intention of giving up on Asiye and the children. Two men hang their bale flags and engage in a fierce bale. Asiye tries to strike a balance in this tension, while the Zahide threat is right next to her like a ticking time.

But the real danger is that he’s waiting to wake up in his hospital bed. Asiye understands that Cemal is determined to divorce Helin… This means a new beginning for both, but nothing will be easy… Cemal is excited about the new era by saying, “How to be a father, I will show everyone”.

While Mahir, is very disappointed. Cemal is excited to think that he has started a new life, but there is also the possibility that nothing in the story will go his way. Mahir was upset by the suspicion that Asiye, whom he stood by despite everything, was having an affair with Jamal.

A great confrontation awaits Asiye. Cemal, on the other hand, is desperate to make up for lost time with his children while taking steps for the new life he dreams of.

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