Plagë Zemre – Episodi 14 Pjesa 2

Plagë Zemre – Episodi 14 Pjesa 2

Ferit works hard to suppress all his frustrations with Ayşe and get Ayşe out of prison, where she was held unjustly for a crime she didn’t commit.

When the judgment day comes, Ferit unwittingly causes greater resentment while defending Ayşe.

İhsan’s betrayal not only turns Vedia’s life upside down but also shakes Vedia’s position in the mansion.

Olive is Vedia’s only consolation. Yaman continues his revenge game against Sancakzadeler.

The games that Hande plays to separate Ayşe and Ferit do not work. On top of that, both Ayşe and Ferit challenge her. On the other hand, the lesson Hande learned from Yaman shook her, worsening her already fragile mood.

Hande decides to play the last trump card in her hand. This last move of Hande will change the lives of Ayşe and Ferit the most.

Option 1:

Option 2: