Plagë Zemre – Episodi 27 (Promo)

Plagë Zemre – Episodi 27 (Promo)

After her husband dies, Azades is blamed for his deeds and she says to herself that he left all his dirt behind and left.

After Jaman reveals that he is Ferit’s brother, Ferit says that he can not consider Jaman a man. Hande says the guest is hers, while her mother, angry at her behavior, slaps her.

Her mother says she no longer has such a daughter. Ferit feels disappointed and says what did dad do. Ajshe and Hande argue and Hande tells her that she has her baby in her womb and if something happens to her, she destroys it.

Ajshe is very upset when she realizes that the person who denied her motherhood will become a mother and tells Ferit that Hande will become a mother. Ferit comforts her by telling her that from now on no one will grieve her anymore.

Azade and Hande were friends, but turned into enemies and Hande stands up against her saying that Azade is a guest at her guest house.