Vëllezërit e mi – Episodi 36 Pjesa 2

Vëllezërit e mi – Episodi 36 Pjesa 2

Omer causes a quarrel with Ilknur’s nephew as he provokes him and Ouljan enters in the middle to separate them, but pushes him and he gets hurt.

Akif teases Nebahat by telling him that he is in love with Susan. The police come to pick up Ouljan at school and everyone is shocked. Akif, Nebahat and Ajla come together and make plans to separate Suzanne and Rasul.

Tolga and Kaan provoke the Erens for Ouljan and Omer can not stand it and hits Doruk as he tries to stop him from falling to Kaan. Omer then decides to return the things Ilknur and Burhan gave him.

He tells Ilknur to stay away Emel. The students’s parents complain about Ouljan being expelled from school, but Resul refuses. Akif’s plan works and Resul is deceived. Asije and Doruk split up.

Ilknur offers Shengyl that if she wants to save Oulljan, she must give it to Emel and Shengyl, although she has a hard time, she gives it to Emel.

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