Vëllezërit e mi – Episodi 36 (Promo)

Vëllezërit e mi – Episodi 36 (Promo)

After Doruk and Asije settled the relations between them, they again spend time together and now Asije does not keep inside what he feels for Doruk.

Asije tells Doruk that in fact, they are very lucky to have found each other. He says that it is a special feeling to find someone you can trust and to believe that with him you can achieve everything in life.

On the other hand, Omer says that whatever happened, happened when the couple Ilknur and Bahar entered their lives and he decides to go to the house of the couple who entered their lives and tells them to stay away from them.

After the beautiful words that Asije spoke, Doruk gives him a match on the page. Whereas, in college the worst happens. The person who pushed Ouljani, sues him and the police come to take Ouljani to Ataman college.

Harika gives him a hug, while Ouljan leaves scared and with tears in his eyes telling them to save him, not to leave him inside.