Vëllezërit e mi – Episodi 51 Pjesa 1

Vëllezërit e mi – Episodi 51 Pjesa 1

Everyone is surprised when the girls take them to the station and they try to explain the situation and hold Emir accountable for not keeping his word.

Doruk, Berk, Omer and Ogulcan go to the girls after staying close to them in their most difficult moments, while Akif laments the money he invested and lost. Berk, Omer and Ogulcan decide to confront Emir and Tolga to withdraw the lawsuit.

Doruk has a plan to save the girls. He goes out for coffee with Emir’s sister, Dora, and together with Oulxhan they get the keys to her house. Omar, Berk and Ouljan decide to take the weakest point from the Emir, his dog “Bonnie”.

Akif decides to transfer the shares to Suzan to save himself. Emel surprises Asia for Mother’s Day. Ayla wants to expel the girls from school, Berk opposes his mother. Shengyl again quarrels with Gonyl and she pretends to be hurt.

The girls, after escaping from the heavy burden on their shoulders, decide to make a surprise lunch for the boys to thank them for standing by them.