Vëllezërit e mi – Episodi 54 Pjesa 3

Vëllezërit e mi – Episodi 54 Pjesa 3

Shengyl goes crazy when she realizes that Asije is working for the woman who took her husband and breaks off relations with them. Aunt Sevgi continues to stay in the cottage with Eren.

Nebosh and Ajla’s plan works. Shengyl is badly attached to the Eren brothers. Akif realizes that someone has given three times the price for the school and decides to sell it to him. Ajbike releases the peg to Omar telling him that they are two different families.

Akif plans to open a company on behalf of Doruk. Aunt Sevgi feels remorse for her deeds when she was young, which ruined Omer’s life. Shengyl puts sheets in the middle of the yard so she does not see her husband’s brother’s children.

Doruk is glad that Tolga’s father did not buy the school. Eventually, Orhan and Shengyl divorce. Suzan is upset by Harika’s escape and says she already has only one child and he is Omer. Susen tries to reconcile Ajbike and Asia, but without success.

Omar and Asiya realize that Shengyl has decided to demolish her cottage where they know it as their home and Omar goes crazy by demolishing her house.