Vëllezërit e mi – Episodi 55 Pjesa 1

Vëllezërit e mi – Episodi 55 Pjesa 1

Omer goes crazy when he realizes that Shengyl wanted to demolish his cottage and tells her to get out of his house where he hears these words from Ogulcan and Ajbike.

Omer then regrets these words and goes to apologize to Shengyl, but this is not enough for her and out of anger she decides to stop the electricity and water for the children. The next day they made a big fuss by reporting the children for theft.

This makes Aunt Sevgi get angry with him, Omer is very happy. Gonyl decides to have dinner for Orhan’s children and tries to persuade Ogulcan and Ajbike to go, but without success. Omer and Susen go out to dinner with Susen’s aunt, not everything is going well.

Doruk and Asije will prepare for the end of the school year. Ajbike does not stop throwing words at Asia and Omer and ruins relations even more with Berk. The plan of Suzan Ajla and Nebosh does not ignite and they try to get themselves out of the situation.

Parties and games are organized at school, but Ajbike does not become part of Omer and Asija’s company and goes to Tolga. In the end, Asia and Ajbike debate and an incident occurs.