Vëllezërit e mi – Episodi 56 Pjesa 3 (Fundi i Sezonit të Dytë)

Vëllezërit e mi – Episodi 56 Pjesa 3 (Fundi i Sezonit të Dytë)

Ajbike is sent to the hospital after minor scratches. As soon as she wakes up she asks for her father. Berk tries to visit her secretly from her mother.

Aunt Sevgi’s illness is in its final stages, but she has already lost hope for life and refuses therapy. Orhan and Gonyl go out to romantic dinners. Omer and Asiya try to convince Aunt Sevgi to accept the therapy and not abandon them.

Tolga goes to visit Ajbike, but Berkut does not like it. Aunt Sevgi has made a decision and takes the wishes of Omer, Asija and Emel to fulfill them. Suzan swears revenge on Akif. Nebosh and Ajla take Akif’s company and everything he owned, leaving him without a penny in his pocket.

The end of Akif Atakul came. Akif goes to Susan and she expels him from the house. Ajbike and Asije agree. Shengyl buys the carpet of the house and the land where Omer’s cottage is located and removes them from the house. She goes crazy when she learns that Orhan is getting married and learns that she is pregnant.

Asije, Omer and Emel remain on the street, but Aunt Sevgi’s man sends them to the house she left to them as a gift and they are surprised by saying that now everyone will live as they deserve.