Vëllezërit e mi – Episodi 23 (Promo 2)

Vëllezërit e mi – Episodi 23 (Promo 2)

After the accident that Doruk suffers, Asije agrees with him and the love continues where it left off. Asije and Doruk go to the amusement park together.

While they are together, Asiye proposes to Doruk to ride together and the moment Doruk is afraid, he can hug Asiye, Doruk goes crazy with happiness.

Meanwhile, Aybige decides to express her feelings to Berk by telling him that she likes him and Berk is overjoyed by calling her “my girlfriend”.

Mazlum and Talja are experiencing a crisis between them that is still unknown. Melissa sees Kadir and Xhemile together on the street laughing and becomes jealous.

On the other hand, Doruk is experiencing the happiest moments of life together with the girl he loves.