Plagë Zemre – Episodi 26 Pjesa 3

Plagë Zemre – Episodi 26 Pjesa 3

Adnan faints as soon as he arrives at the restaurant. Betyl says some harsh words to Jaman. Ferit and Ajshe go to the mountain house after the wedding.

Adnan declares war on Jaman. Hysein expels Handen from the house. Ajshe and Ferit spend a romantic wedding night and wake up in the morning full of love. Hande behaves very badly towards Betyl.

These behaviors of hers make Jaman very angry as she says she is pregnant with Jaman’s baby. Adnan drives his car down the abyss. Ferit gets the news that his father has had an accident and is very upset.

Hande turns Yaman’s pain into hatred. Ferit and his brothers greet their father and bury Adnan. Jaman pretends to have arranged relations with their brothers at their father’s funeral.

Ferit and Jaman start arguing. Hande and Jaman take revenge on the Sandzakzade family.

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