Loja e Fatit tim – Episodi 3 Pjesa 1

Loja e Fatit tim – Episodi 3 Pjesa 1

Nergis faints . Helin tries to assist , while Cemal remains still and stunned . Asiye transports her to their temporary residence.

Cemal and Helin’s relationship seems to be in trouble. Although there is tension, their private expressions indicate that they are a real couple. Asiye is being hauled into domestic chores in order to assist Gulsum .

Asiye is told to clean Cemal and Helin’s room, she sees their slept in bed, looks at their wedding photos and then walks away. Cemal pulls her into a brief chat in which he expresses regret for leaving, but everything worked out because she is now with Mahir.

Cemal meets Ugur, he tries to needle him for information about Russia, but Ugur remains tight lipped. In a flashback, Cemal did not want Ugur when he found out Asiye was pregnant. Both were overworked, he made Asiye feel terrible.

Asiye pays a visit to Mahir in the hospital, Cemal and Helin drive her. Cemal is pent up with frustration, he drops her off and immediately screeches out of there.