Loja e Fatit tim – Episodi 3 Pjesa 2

Loja e Fatit tim – Episodi 3 Pjesa 2

Helin’s father, Harun, wants the couple to return to Istanbul from Antalya. Raci is enraged because he wants complete control of the business.

Raci’s haughtiness irritates Harun , who states that he has bought multiple scandals upon the company. He was accused of cheating on his wife, but she staunchly defends him and dismisses the allegations.

Mahir and the children appear to bond and Cemal seemed to be writhing with jealousy . Cemal has really hurt Nergis, she is projecting that anger onto Ahmet, his new son, who is acquainted with Ugur and refers to him as “brother”.

In a meeting with Helin and Raci, Harun invites Mahir to the residence. Mahir is their half-brother, he informs them. He had an indiscretion i.e. an affair years ago. Mahir’s mother died. Then he entrusted Mahir’s upbringing to the ‘servants.’ When Mahir found out, he fled to Russia 17 years ago.

It’s Ahmet’s birthday, Nergis carries his birthday gifts from the car. She has a breakdown and flees in tears as she comes face to face with Cemal.