Loja e Fatit tim – Episodi 4 Pjesa 2

Loja e Fatit tim – Episodi 4 Pjesa 2

Kemal is able to corner her and claim that he never cheated on her during their marriage, he returns to the family six months later.

Harun is dying; he is suffering from a terminal illness no one knows about, which is why he called Mahir. Mahir states that he returned to assert his rights, but his true motivation is to upset their comfort. Inside, Nergis is exploding.

She returns the necklace she wore as a child to Cemal. Mahir assures her that she done nothing wrong when she experiences a nightmare about Khalil. And even if he stops playing her father one day, she will always, she will always have him as a brother.

Mahir and his family moved into the Demirhan home in this episode. Asiye’s grip on Mahir’s hand while the family mocked him for his alleged avarice was sweet. Raci’s daughter is Alihan’s crush. Raci owns a gambling establishment, and I’m pretty sure he’s running an illegal operation in conjunction with the hotel.

He’s eager to get Cemal and Mahir out of the way so he can cover his deeds. Gulsum is a sweetheart who is never envious of others. She’s chatty, but she’s been quite helpful.