Loja e Fatit tim – Episodi 5 Pjesa 2

Loja e Fatit tim – Episodi 5 Pjesa 2

Gulsum tells Fikret that the knife doesn’t belong to either kitchen , and that Asiye and Mahir can behave like strangers at times .

Cemal interrogates Asiye about her situation and why Ugur was so terrified when the cops arrived. She expresses her displeasure and inquires as to why he is still in Istanbul. This man’s shamelessness is evident when he becomes thrilled and tries to flirt with her by asking why she is intrigued.

Ugur compares himself and Ahmet to Asiye and Meral and Cemal inquires if Asiye and Meral are close, to which Ugur responds that they live next door to her. Cemal then dials Meral’s salon and discovers that she continues to reside in Amasya. Cemal questions Asiye, she claims that she divides her time between the two countries, but Cemal is sceptical.

Raci is stealing money from the company. Mahir joins the company as CFO , while Harun is diagnosed with liver cancer. Cemal and Mahir are riding to work together when Cemal starts to probe him about his relationship with his ” daughter ” Nergis .

Cemal is surprised when Mahir says that his daughter is strong-willed, intelligent young lady who wants to be a lawyer.